January 30th Program and February 2020 Program Calendar

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Sangat Ji,

We have a special visit by Ken Singh during this Sunday’s Diwan.  Ken Singh is an inspirational speaker on Sikhism.  Those who have listened to him before know how well he can explain Gurbani in English. Please join in this event on site or online. His previous recording during  Dec 26, 2021 is on our Facebook page. 

Contact Form – Community Demographics
When visiting onsite, please make sure to fill in the Contact Form. It is placed at the area at front of the Hukamnama TV. 
By providing your contact and family demographic details it will help us to plan for additional services. 
Services such as Gurbani and Punjabi language education for children, special events for seniors are some goals we would like to organize this year. 
All  individuals recently moved to this area, or living in the area for many years, please fill it and drop in box there. 
We need to get updated data and appreciate your time on this.

Gurdwara Programs:

Onsite at 410 Clair Rd E or Facebook live 

Sunday January 30, 2022 Diwan
Regular Sunday Diwan
Special Katha in English
Bhai Ken Singh from 11:15 AM to Noon
sewa by Jagtar Singh Dhandal and family

Note: Every Saturday morning
Asa di Vaar Kirtan occurs 6:30AM to 8AM

February 2022 Monthly Calendar will be posted to our website soon. 
Please check website Schedule tab during the week for updates.

Gurdwara Fundraising:
As we finish off the kitchen, other rooms, and purchase supplies, plus make mortgage payments,  your financial and volunteer support will be vital to provide the services and educational programs we all desire at the gurdwara.  We cannot thank you enough for your continued generosity. 

‘Satgur ki sewa safal hai Je ko kare chit laye’

Service to the True Guru is fruitful and rewarding, if one performs it with his mind focused on it.