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Gurdwara Programs and AGM Cancellation – Until Further Notice

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Sangat Ji,

In order to continue to minimize impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep the health and well being of the community a priority, please note the AGM and the regular gurdwara programs will be cancelled until a new notice is issued.

Gurdwara Program Cancellations:

CANCELLED: Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM  will be postponed at this time.   A notice will be sent when a new date will be rescheduled.

CANCELLED:  All Sunday Diwans from March 15, 2020 until further notice

CANCELLED:  All Thursday evening Simran programs until further notice

New notices will be sent when diwans will re-open or if anything changes.

The gurdwara will remain open for individual moments of prayer.

Please continue to wash hands often, keep social distancing and follow recommended health guidelines.  Also, continue to self-isolate and follow travel restrictions as recommended by government health officials to protect yourself and everyone around you.

English link – Government of Ontario COVID-19 health info

Punjabi link –  Government of Ontario COVID-19  health info

Public Health Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph

Please don’t panic and keep hope that we will get through this crisis no matter how difficult it seems at this time.  Take care of yourself, self monitor and remain positive and reach out for help if needed.

In stressful times many do turn to prayer.  We hope that in your daily life, that you will remain strong and heed the Guru’s words and pray, do paath and listen to kirtan.  We are all in this together the world over, so let’s pray for everyone.

Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh